Activism Through Art: ARTivism

With Amber Haney of AHaneyArt x Three Match Creations, Inc.

ARTivism is a Three Match Creations initiative that was launched by Resident Artist Amber Haney of AHaneyArt to encourage others to use art and activism as tools to spread consciousness and inspire change in our communities. This initiative will cultivate collective knowledge that will be translated through art and displayed at a community art gallery at the end of the month. The mission of our ARTivism initiative is to practice open-mindedness, acceptance, gratitude, and compassion as individuals from all walks of life gather together to create, inform, and tell their stories through art.

The ARTivism initiative is theme-based and encourages individuals to think critically about our world. An array of topics from social justice to environmental protection will be discussed with care and gentle consideration. This initiative strives to create a safer space for individuals to practice their craft and explore delicate topics. The ARTivism initiative is grounded in visual arts, but invites individuals to consider any modality of artistic expression for this project. An array of shared visual arts materials will be provided to all participants who engage in this initiative.

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The Purpose

  • Help cultivate collective knowledge & storytelling that will be translated through art.

  • Create a space which welcomes healthy discussion on issues (environmental, social justice, or otherwise) that impact the spaces we inhabit, particularly issues that individuals are passionate about.

  • Foster creativity, community, self-expression, and advocacy / leadership skills.

  • The goal of the workshops and community gallery are to spread consciousness, empower & educate individuals, and nurture creativity as a form of communication.

  • Give exposure to local artists + advocates and to Three Match Creations, Inc.

collecting materials Every sunday in july at matchstick market

We will accept new or lightly used:

  • Newspapers

  • Magazines

  • Mod podge

  • Scrapbooking paper

  • Paper towels

  • Paper plates

  • Lightly used paint brushes

  • String & yarn

  • Paper towels

  • Scissors

  • Paint (acrylic, watercolors)

  • Tape

  • Pencils, erasers

  • Glue

  • Rulers & tracers

  • Stencils

References + Inspirations

Other organizations that use art & activism to create a response.

Artivism by Erasmus+

A european project created by four partner countries: Spain, Hungary, England and France. It is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old. Artivism intends to raise social, economical, political and ecological questions through artistic projects. Examples include: photography, post card making, screen-printing, collage, sculpture, etc. More information at:

Project Attica

Hosts interactive "Artivist" workshops in public spaces, which use art to build collective knowledge. After empowering students to express themselves, the students then build on those conversations by designing and creating their own t-shirts. We provide t-shirts and supplies, as well as stencils spanning dozens of topics for students to use.

More information here:

Pangeaseed Foundation

Uses art (primarily murals) to create meaningful environmental change for our oceans. More information at: