At Three Match Creations, Inc. we strive to create an environment where the community is welcome, happy, and at peace in an open and accepting space. In order to achieve such an environment, we have set up policies that are to be followed by all workshop and community event participants. This will ensure the atmosphere at Three Match Creations, Inc. continues to enable and encourage others to grow, learn, and expand in their intellectual, creative, and professional pursuits.


1. Prices for all items and services for sale shall be posted clearly on the website. No items or services will be sold at a different price then what is posted. The majority of community events are free but reserving your spot at a community event is highly recommended as there is a 49 person limit for all events.

2. All participants must fill out the appropriate applicant form for each corresponding community event in order to sign up for a community event.

3. In the event that the community event is not free, all participants are required to pay for the selected community event in prior to entrance.



1. Participants must be courteous to other community event participants and Visionaries in the area.

2. No Participant shall smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, and/or posses or use any controlled substance while at the community event.


1. In the event a scheduled performer cannot attend the event, the performer must notify the Business Manager at prior to the event. Three Match Creations, Inc. does not promise to immediately reschedule the performer, but will reschedule the performer at the next event that is convenient for both Three Match Creations, Inc. and the performer.

2. If a performer does not resonate with the mission behind Three Match Creations, Inc. and blatantly ignores the rules set for our community events, the performer will be immediately asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed to perform at another Three Match Creations, Inc. event.

3. Our stage is intended to provide performers with an open voice, although we ask that performers refrain from off-color or divisive content. We envision a family atmosphere and an inclusive oasis, free of the acerbic ranting that pervades mass media and work hard to maintain such an open, accepting environment.

4. Open Mic Night community events will have no more than 49 people total in attendance.

5. Open Mic Night community events will have a maximum of 10 performers per night, with each performer allowed a 10-minute set. Performers are expected to show respect for other performers’ time and will not go over the 10-minute set mark.

6. In the event that a performer shows blatant disrespect for another performer or any attendee in attendance, the performer will be asked to leave the event.

7. Three Match Creations, Inc. does not provide any instruments for performers.


1. In the event of a dispute regarding any aspect of a community event, the Business Manager or Owner shall make a decision. Any failure to abide by the decision made may be sufficient grounds for excluding the participant from future events held by Three Match Creations, Inc.

2. A participant may file an appeal for the decision made in a dispute, in writing, to the Business Manager via Any appeal must be filed within seven (7) days of the dispute.

3. Upon receipt of an appeal, the matter will be reviewed expeditiously.

4. The Business Manager will take no more than ten (10) days from receipt of the appeal to make her decision. During this time, the Participant must adhere to the original decision of the Visionary with no right to restitution for any losses.

Unless stated otherwise, every event will be held at Three Match Creations, Inc. located at 55 Sterling St. Clinton, MA 01510.