Statement of responsibility, release of liability, and agreement to participate in any Three match creations, inc. event, workshop, market, etc

I, the undersigned, am a participant of a Three Match Creations, Inc. event. I understand and hereby acknowledge that my participation in the event is wholly voluntary. In consideration of being allowed to participate in the event, I hereby agree as follows:

  1. If I should suffer an injury or illness while participating in the event, or any other activity associated with the event, I authorize the employees and Hosting Visionary of Three Match Creations, Inc. to use their discretion to have me treated at the nearest health care facility and hereby give consent, and I take full responsibility for that action and all costs associated with such care.

  2. I understand and agree that participation in the event carries with it the risk to me of personally or bodily injury and I willingly and knowingly accept that risk. I also understand and agree that Three Match Creations, Inc. does not and will not guarantee my safety during my participation in the event. With this understanding, I, individually, and on behalf of my heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives, hereby release, relieve, indemnify and forever discharge Three Match Creations, Inc., its employees, agents, officers, trustees and representatives (in their official and individual capacities) from any and all liability whatsoever for any personal or bodily injury that I may sustain, including but not limited to any claims, demands, actions, causes or action, judgements, damages, expenses and costs, including attorney fees, which arise out of, result from, occur during or are connected in any manner with my participation in the event.

  3. I understand and agree that throughout my participation in the event, I am responsible for abiding by the laws of Massachusetts and the United States and the Workshop Policies of Three Match Creations, Inc. Three Match Creations, Inc. reserves the right to eject me from the event if, at any time, my actions or general behavior impede the operation of the event or the rights and welfare of any person.

  4. Should I have any questions regarding this agreement and/or the Workshop Policies, I understand that I can contact the Three Match Creations, Inc. administration via email at

  5. I understand that I may authenticate my agreement with an electronic signature. I understand that my electronic signature should be given the same legal force and effect as a handwritten signature.

  6. In signing this Agreement, I hereby acknowledge that I am eighteen (18) years of age or older. I have read the entire document, that I understand how to ask questions should the desire arise, that I understand the terms of this agreement and have signed it knowingly and voluntarily.