Some things that we're working on

Check back to see our constantly updated list of initiatives that are going on at Three Match Creations. 


sponsor-a-doll, Amare Dolls

Amare dolls are often used to help someone who is going through or suffered a form of tragedy, abuse, loss, or any kind of struggle. Amare Dolls began when the Heather Cook designed a few dolls as a creative outlet to process a difficult situation and speak comfort and beauty into a trying time. 

Surprised by how well the dolls worked and impressed by the purpose that they served, the dolls became a a tangible comfort and a way to understand an out-of-control situation for her. The Sponsor-A-Doll Initiative came after this.

Each doll is completely hand-crafted from exquisite, natural materials and is made to fit an individual story or need. 

Our Sponsor-A-Doll program creates opportunity for interested individuals to donate to a doll. Please check back to see our sponsorship options in our store.

Please email to learn more.

backyard homestead

The Backyard Homestead Initiative seeks to teach self sustainability and practical hands-on life skills. This initiative strives to educate and provide a means of reducing consumption, cost, and dependency on commercial and material things. 

This is a class-by-class curriculum run throughout the year. Each class will be priced differently, depending on the amount of time that is required to participate. Please check our Events page to find our current programs.

Some sample classes: Cast Iron Fire Cooking, High Yield Backyard Gardening, Bee Keeping, Developing a Chicken Flock, Basic Horsemanship, Canning, Bread Making, Organic Gardening, Soap Making, Seasonal Cooking, Candle Making,
and Practical Crafts from Nature.

the dusty heather

The Dusty Heather Initiative is a collection of unique one-of-a-kind gifts intended to spark a “that’s perfect for…” feeling. A gift which matches the person receiving it and highlights the uniqueness of the relationship honored.

The Dusty Heather is another opportunity for the Three Match Creations founder, Heather Cook, to express her creativity and love of people. The Dusty Heather products can be found and purchased at our local Independent Visionary's business, Coffeelands, located in Clinton, MA. 

three match book series

The Three Match Creations book series inspires life dreams, principles, and goals through simple words and uncluttered illustrations. Written by the founder of Three Match Creations, Heather Cook, who's also a mother of twin girls. 

All characters in the book series are nameless and faceless, engineered after a well-studied school of thought that under-stimulation aids the development of imagination.

The first book in the series, “What If I Can’t Fly?,” was just recently privately published by Heather. To purchase the book, please visit our store.

warrior woman

The Warrior Woman Initiative educates power in places where women are vulnerable. The Warrior Woman Initiative is an intense physical, mental, and emotional training program designed to breakdown excuses and empower strong, uncompromising grit in the women of our community.

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, each Warrior must complete the required number of hours for this course. The training and intensives are run in cycles throughout the year to maintain the intimacy of groups and accessibility to completion.

Examples of the curriculum include the able-manipulation of your own body weight, basic wilderness survival skills, building non-circumstantial internal value, how to drive a stick-shift, basic car maintenance, self-defense, gun-safety, identifying excuses, overcoming fears, etc.

We partner with our local family-owned gym, Ciccone Family Fitness Center, as well as experts in many of these focuses in order to successfully implement this program. 

Check our Events page or contact us at for registration information, pricing, and/or any questions regarding the program.