Matchstick Market Rules and Regulations

Market Location

55 Sterling St, Clinton MA
Occasionally outdoors at the park at Hamilton Sq.

Market Dates

Every Sunday - year round

Market Hours


Our Mission: to support and increase the accessibility of fresh, local produce and handmade products in the central Massachusetts community. A high-quality selection of local farms, artisans, and makers who prioritize sustainability, environmentalism, and ethics as a part of their business model will make up the weekly vendors. We aim to highlight fresh produce, fresh-cut flowers, herbs, locally made foods and products, ready-to-eat foods, art, live music, community groups, family-friendly activities, workshops, and healthy-food initiatives. 

I. Terms and Conditions of Sales

1. All persons desiring to sell items at the Market will submit a completed Farmers Market Application/Inventory List (“Application”) on a form provided by the Market and each person must sign a statement indicating that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules of the Market. 

2. All persons submitting an Application must provide an Inventory List of items to be sold at the Market (“List”). The submitted List will be examined at the time of application review and an approved List will be issued by the Market Manager. Persons(Vendors) approved to sell at the Market may only sell items from their List.

3. In the event that a Vendor would like to modify his/her List, an amended inventory list must be submitted to the Market Manager for approval. New items identified on the amended inventory list may not be sold prior to the market manager’s approval.

4. Only the following, New England-grown or produced items that meet all applicable federal, state and local rules and regulations and approved by the Market Manager may be offered for sale:

A. Fresh fruits
B. Locally sourced fresh vegetables and herbs
C. Locally grown plants and flowers
D. Locally sourced Maple syrup
E. Locally sourced fresh cider
F. Plant-based cheeses
G. Plant-based “meat” products
I. Baked goods which do not contain any eggs, dairy or other animal products.
J. Locally produced and plant-based specialty food products
K. Handmade products  
L. Up-cycled or repurposed products
M. Handmade, plant-based soaps, skin care and other apothecary products
N. Other

All applicants will be reviewed thoroughly and accepted on a case by case basis.
We do reserve the right to accept vendors that may not align with this list 100%.

5. Farmer grown and produced shall mean the following:

A. Pertaining to all the items mentioned in Paragraph 4 above, all pruning, spraying, fertilizing, and harvesting is undertaken by the farmer, members of the farmer’s household or persons directly employed and paid by the farmer. This may include items grown on land under written lease or license, provided that the farmer who leased or licensed the land undertakes all of the above activities.

B. Any farmer intending to sell products grown on leased or licensed land must furnish a copy of the lease or license agreement to the Market Manager at the time of submitting his/her List.

6. All items offered for sale at the Market must be first quality, unless they are expressly posted as “seconds”.

7. Only products certified by a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies farm operations and processors may be labeled “organic”.

8. All processed foods should comply with the requirements set forth by federal, state and local laws, regulations and rules. Food vendors must acquire a temporary food permit from the Town of Clinton.

9. Items may be sold by the pound, bunch, piece, or measured container.

10. Scales utilized at farmers markets must be inspected and sealed annually by the Sealer of Weights and Measures.

11. Each vendor is considered their own entity and is required to carry their own insurance. Matchstick Market, operating under Three Match Creations, Inc., will not be responsible for any issues that occur at your respective table. 

The following requirements for insurance are required:

  • Three Match Creations, Inc. listed as “Additionally Insured” on the Vendors Certificate of Insurance

  • $1,000,000 General Liability

  • Workers’ Compensation insurance

In order to participate in Matchstick Market all vendors must send a Certificate of Insurance to prior to scheduled market date.


If you do not have insurance, you are required to sign our contract which includes an indemnification clause.

12. Tax ID Numbers are required in Massachusetts. All Exhibitors must be in compliance with State & Federal Tax Laws and display Tax ID Certificate in booth. This is required for both in state and out of state vendors. If you do not have a tax id certificate, you can obtain one online in a few minutes at no cost. Click HERE to register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue.

II. Prices and Signs

1. Prices for all items for sale shall be posted clearly on a sign. No item shall be sold unless the price of the item is clearly displayed.

2. Prices for items shall be established only by individual vendors.

3. Collusion among vendors to raise or lower prices, or to exert pressure or persuasion to cause any vendor to increase or decrease selling prices is prohibited.

4. Each vendor must post the name and location of their farm or business at their booth

5. Sellers of processed and packaged food/products are required to clearly list ingredients of and must indicate any common allergen that may be present in their products.

6. All vendors must fill out the vendor ID card / consumer key to display for each market.


III. Daily Operation

1. Attendance: If a vendor cannot attend the market for any reason, the Market Manager must be notified by the Wednesday prior to the market date by contacting the market manager at:

50% refunds are issued to vendors who notify market manager 2 weeks in advance of a cancellation.

2. Selling at the market shall begin promptly at 10 AM, and no selling may take place
before this time.

3. Vendors shall arrive no earlier than 8:00AM to set up displays.

4. Vendors must agree to sell for the entire market day.

5. Vendors must vacate the selling area no later than 3:00PM

6. No vendor shall engage in solicitation, collection drives, political or religious activities inside the market area. No loud hawking of items is allowed.

7. Vendors must keep the vicinity in and around their selling area clean at all times and remove all refuse and unsold items at the end of each Market day.

8. Vendors must provide an approved trash receptacle when selling ready-to-eat items.

9. Vendors and their agents, employees and representatives must be courteous to other vendors and to the public at all times.

10. There shall be no smoking or vaping of any kind. Drinking or possession of alcohol and controlled substance while at the Market is forbidden.

IV. Grievances

1. In the event of a dispute regarding any aspect of the Market, the Market Manager shall make a decision. Any failure to abide by the Market Manager’s decision may be sufficient grounds for excluding the vendor from the Market.

2. A Vendor may file an appeal from the Market Manager’s decision, in writing, to a committee made up of officials, vendors, sponsors, community groups or like entities of the market and established by the Market (“Grievance Committee”). Any appeal must be filed within ten (10) days of a decision.

3. Upon receipt of an appeal, the matter will be reviewed expeditiously.

4. The Grievance Committee will take no more than ten (10) days from receipt of the appeal to make its decision. During this time, the Vendor must adhere to the original decision of the
Market Manager with no right to restitution for any losses.