Three Match Creations hoping to "spark" Creativity

On Oct. 7, Three Match Creations, a cooperative (or co-lab) of “Visionaries,” opens at 55 Sterling St.

The old mill building, by the railroad tracks, features open space for artists, a workroom for “creative learning,” a studio space for self-filming and DIY skill videos and a downstairs marketplace that will feature a year-round farmers/artisans market on Sundays, plus space for community events.

“I was raised off the grid in Montana,” Cook said. “My first day of school was my first day of college. My upbringing was ‘out of the box.’ I remember learning to sew moccasins from a real Indian. We had no electricity, no phone. We were survivalists and needed our community to share resources to survive. One of my favorite things when I was little was to take three matches and see how long I could last in the woods. If I could start a fire, I could boil water to drink. I would build myself out of the woods.”

That is the genesis of the name of the cooperative: Three Match Creations. Cook said she still has her three matches that help her thrive: “My relationship with people, creativity, which is a massive one, and my faith.”

While her life has been a series of challenges, including her husband’s cancer, mental illness in her family, and the birth of her twins, she “survived” because of her matches, that help her build her way out.

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