Our Visionaries


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Resident Visionaries


Amanda Santerre


Amanda is an artist and nature enthusiast who is filled with determination and a love for adventure. She believes strongly in the importance of small business, and spends her time managing the oldest art supply store in the United States. During the summers, she teaches art to children at Capen Hill Nature Sanctuary as a camp counselor. When Amanda isn’t working for those causes, she is creating her own art-primarily in the fields of printmaking, watercolor, and mixed media. 

Above all else, Amanda believes in the value of the natural world that surrounds us and its inherent value and beauty. She strives to travel to new places, or re-imagine familiar ones-a theme which all of her art encompasses


Christopher Alan Maloney


Christopher is an independent filmmaker, storyteller, and educator. The director of four feature documentaries, his work has been featured on PBS, the Discovery Channel, and film festivals nationwide.

Though his background is in non-fiction storytelling, he has recently ventured into narrative filmmaking and is currently writing a screenplay inspired by his favorite stories from childhood.


Chenoa Vilfranc

Nouk Marketing

Chenoa is a true polymath, co-author, designer, and digital marketer turned entrepreneur. She founded Nouk Marketing after 7+ years of agency experience and completing a Masters’ degree in Internet Marketing from FSU. Nouk Marketing, her boutique Internet Marketing Agency, provides niche specific digital and branding solutions for organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Gifted with an eye for design in both inhabited spaces, as well as the digital sphere, she enjoys speaking and providing business solutions that inspire her audiences to structure an enhanced image of their business, spaces, and lives for higher profitability, healthier productivity, and positive outcomes.

Chenoa is also founder and chief creative officer of the brand and e-store Thrift Barn that features vintage-inspired furniture and home decor.


Gregory Vilfranc

Franc Village Studios

Greg is a native New Yorker now living in the Greater Boston area with his wife and kids. As a BMI member, his passion for music has led to over 20 years of work as a composer, producer, songwriter, vocalist and audio professional with several credited works on independent film and TV projects.

His penchant for working independently inspired the establishment of his boutique project studio, Franc Village Studios. He believes in establishing multiple milestones throughout the project that all lead up to their deadline. When you work with him, quality is always priority and your input will always matter. Greg has based his success so far on this, and continues to live by it.


Amber Haney


Amber is a rising artist who is currently earning a Masters in Counseling and Art Therapy at Lesley University. Her work within the field of mental health counseling has inspired her to affirm the healing potential that art-making can provide, as a form of communication, expression, and release. She believes that we are all born with creative potential, and it is something that must be nurtured continuously throughout our lives in order to promote consciousness and introspective growth. Her art seeks to invite discussion about social issues and paradigms, and encourages others to do the same.

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Anastasia Caras

freelance artist, graphic designer

Anastasia is an interdisciplinary artist and graphic designer. Her creatively saturated out-of-the-box childhood living on a boat ignited an early passion for wanderlust. She specializes in brand identity, publication, creative direction and consulting, and photography - with room for experimentation. She's a co-founder of Apatite Collective and is currently freelancing. She has over ten years of corporate and freelance experience in a lead designer and art director role, but her passion is partnering with small businesses to create visual identities that help make their businesses thrive. 

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Cheryl Hughes

freelance artist

Cheryl Hughes is a multi-passionate artist with incredible work in surface design, oil, water color, and acrylics. She has a colorful journey of Irish festivals, art shows, and paint nights. Stay tuned for workshops and events.

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Judy Kittler Zmijak


Judy is a mother and a passionate photographer with an emphasis on portrait work. She loves to tell the story of her clients and strives to deliver the finest product full of heart and relationship.


Natalia Marie Pérez

Freelancer, writer, blogger


Natalia is a recent writing and editing graduate and is passionate about storytelling through writing and advocacy journalism.

Her writing passions are fueled by her love of culture, women’s empowerment and emotional/mental awareness and healing. She’s currently freelancing for corporate clients, working as our Communications Specialist, and is aiming to extend her reach into the creative journalism sphere.

Her blog “Girl Talks: Let’s Have Brunch” explores and breaks down several themes revolving womanhood and the struggles we don’t often talk about openly. Each post is structured like a conversation with a friend— just as you would sitting down with a gal pal over brunch.


Jessica Wansiewicz


Jessica is a writer, passionate about inspiring others to love and empower themselves to lead fulfilling lives.

When she’s not nannying, she spends her time writing, in nature, working with herbs, creating nourishing recipes, and learning various tools that help her develop a strong intelligence with holistic health and wellness. Nature is her main source of inspiration and she intends to utilize her writing to re-connect humanity with their divinity and the natural world.

Her current goals are to publish her writer’s website, begin freelance work, publish a book, and eventually inspire the creation of a film through her writing. She also dreams of being a traveling journalist, using her writing as a tool to communicate environmental awareness, social injustices, offer solutions and bring communities closer together.  


Independent Visionaries

Donna Bio Pic.jpeg

Donna Pioli


Donna Pioli is a Boston area artist, specializing in ceramics for over ten years. Donna’s trademarks include playful and feminine sculptural additions to her pieces. Her pottery and ceramic jewelry are hand-crafted, functional pieces.

Donna appreciates that the nature of her work sometimes yields unexpected, yet remarkable features that may occur in the firing process. You can find her continuing to sculpt, wheel-throw, and teach at Three Match Creations, Inc. in Clinton, MA.


Emily Boudreau

Emily Boudreau Photography

Emily is an Elopement and Wedding Photographer based in Massachusetts. Her work focuses on real and raw emotion from her clients while focusing more on natural movement rather than posed portraits. She enjoys being outdoors most and is thankful her career in photography allows that. Her true passion lies within capturing how one can love and be loved.


Rhonda Messer


Rhonda has a unique and powerful vision to change the world through fair trade, eco-sustainability, education, and love. She has joined us as a Resident to provide space to development her next steps in the expansion and branding of Coffeelands. She is working to bring great coffee, music, community, art, and a larger education of the Coffeelands to Clinton.


Melissa Morgan

Cottage Home Forest School

We are so excited to partner with Melissa Morgan and her Forest Home School as one of our Independent/Transient Visionaries. Melissa believes that education is losing touch with creativity and nature and that the current system is sterile and over demanding. She has a very successful private Forest School in Berrien Springs, MI with a waiting list. The Co-Lab is partnering with her to bring the general population “Forest School in a Box” for home, private, and public educators use. Stay tuned for updates and her workshops.


Dustan Cook

cooks carpentry

Independent Visionary Dustan Cook is one of the reasons that we love what we do. Dustan has twin girls...much more than a job to hold. Cook transforms visions into reality with his carpentry. From custom farm tables, princess bunk beds, to playhouse chicken coops...there isn't anything he can't do. He puts his heart into his work and it shows.

Email threematchcreations@gmail.com to contact Dustan.

Dan Thibeault.jpg

Dan Thibeault

Fast twitch media

Dan Thibeault is an independent content creator in the podcasting space and believes that stories bring us together. And when crafted without agendas, they transcend differences in cultural background, gender and political persuasion. Dan strives to create messages that go beyond the dysphoria of current society and offer a welcome change from the rampant nonsense that popular media pushes on us.  He is a consultant helping others learn the creative and technical aspects of recording, editing and publishing their own independent content.

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Veronica Iria

freelance artist, teacher

Veronica is gifted in every art form she touches. Her portfolio of talent is bursting (literally).Veronica is experienced in everything from ink to block printing and all that goes between. Stay tuned for workshops, showings, and more from this beautiful soul.

Transient Visionaries


Victoria Strong

Victoria holds a degree in Fine Art from Southern Adventist University. She has had a loved art and drawing since she was little and now wants to make it her career. She primarily works with watercolor and acrylic, often in a papercut fashion. Victoria has also dabbled in multiple other mediums including felting, clays, and work on wood. She has had successful gallery shows and is currently illustrating a children's story. Victoria would love to illustrate her own stories one day.


Edyn-Mae Stevenson

Edyn Mae - ocean pic - potential profile pic 2.jpg

Song Writer and Musician

Edyn-Mae Stevenson is a young writer and musician, as well as a radio host and music manager at Classical 90.5 WSMC. Her nine-year long battle with depression and mental illness has equipped her with a plethora of songs and a story to tell about the struggles she’s had and the lessons she’s learned from them. Now she dedicates her time to sharing those songs in the hopes that they will make someone else’s journey a little easier.