There are several types of Three Match Creations Visionaries.
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resident visionaries

Resident Visionaries have a physical space at the Three Match Creations Co-Lab. These Visionaries are provided with beautiful and inspirational studio spaces at sliding-scale rates. Basic furniture is provided for all Visionaries, but they are free to make their space their own. 

transient visionaries

At any given time, we only allow one Transient Visionary. The Transient Visionary is someone seeking a space to create and learn. This space was designed for artists using Stuso, who are looking for temporary studio space. As the name describes it, this spot is meant for a nomadic creative or for someone involved in a "study abroad" program. We will also consider a student position or a seasonal Visionary for this space. The maximum length of time for Transient Visionaries is three months. 

independent visionaries

Independent Visionaries are generally relatively local artists, businesses, or makers/do-ers that do not require physical space at the Co-Lab. Independent Visionaries are able to take advantage of the Co-Lab's workshops, international study tours, network events, and resources. 

The Application Process

How it works

In order to join Three Match Creations in its Creative Collaboration program, you must apply and be accepted. Once your application has been accepted, a Pitch Presentation will be scheduled with our Board of Directors. This is a 20-minute presentation that each Resident and Transient Visionary has to complete (Independent Visionaries are not required, see details below). Following the presentation, there is a 10-minute question-and-answer session with the Founder, Heather Cook, Administrative Partner, Lisa Ragan-Whitmore, and Communications Specialist, Natalia Pérez. Within a week of the Pitch Presentation, Visionaries will be notified of the board’s decision.

fees & space

The monthly membership fee for Resident and Transient Visionaries ranges from $125.00/month to $175.00/month, depending on the type of space preferred or available. Transient Visionaries can stay up to three months and Resident Visionaries can stay from one to three years. After your contract is up, you may reapply. 

Independent Visionaries only have to complete an application, which has to be accepted by Three Match Creations, Inc. Admin. in order to join our Co-Lab. The monthly membership fee to be an Independent Visionary is $75.00. This membership gives Independent Visionaries access to all of the Co-Lab's workshops, events, group S.T.O.R.M. meetings with our network, Nurture Sessions with the Founder, Strategy Sessions with the Business Manager, and physical resources located at the Co-Lab. 

Due to the high demand for our Visionary spaces, we are not able to guarantee every applicant a spot in our Co-Lab. If you are interested in applying to be a Visionary with us or have any further questions, please email fill out the form below and deliver it to our studio or email it to