Workshop Policies


At Three Match Creations, Inc. we strive to create an environment where the community is welcome, happy, and at peace in an open and accepting space. In order to achieve such an environment, we have set up policies that are to be followed by all workshop and event participants. This will ensure the atmosphere at Three Match Creations, Inc. continues to enable and encourage others to grow, learn, and expand in their intellectual, creative, and professional pursuits.

I. Prices

1. Prices for all items and services for sale shall be posted clearly on the website. No items or services will be sold at a different price then what is posted.

2. All participants must fill out the workshop applicant form in order to sign up for a workshop event.

3. All participants must pay for the selected workshop in advance.


II. Daily Operation

1. Attendance: If a participant cannot attend the workshop for any reason, the Business Manager must be notified at least one week prior to the workshop date by contacting the business manager at:

2. 50% refunds are issued to participants who notify the business manager two weeks in advance of a cancellation.

3. Participants shall arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure all forms are completed and payment has been confirmed.

4. Participants must be courteous to other workshop participants and Visionaries in the area.

5. No Participant shall smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, and/or posses or use any controlled substance while at the workshop.

III. Grievances

1. In the event of a dispute regarding any aspect of the workshop, the hosting Visionary shall make a decision. Any failure to abide by the Visionary’s decision may be sufficient grounds for excluding the participant from future workshops.

2. A Participant may file an appeal from the Visionary’s decision, in writing, to the Business Manager via Any appeal must be filed within seven (7) days of the dispute.

3. Upon receipt of an appeal, the matter will be reviewed expeditiously.

4. The Business Manager will take no more than ten (10) days from receipt of the appeal to make her decision. During this time, the Participant must adhere to the original decision of the Visionary with no right to restitution for any losses.


1. In order to maintain respect and dignity among the Workshop Participants, Visionaries, and visitors, hate speech and willful ignorance will not be tolerated. We want to respect everyone on the premises and do not want to infringe or limit the creativity or rights of others.

2. If you would like to give constructive feedback, that is welcome! Please do not confuse constructive criticism with that of will ignorance and/or hate speech.

3. In the event hate speech and/or willful ignorance is exhibited, the individual will be asked to leave the premises, without a refund, in order to maintain the welcoming and familial atmosphere Three Match Creations, Inc. is striving to provide.

4. Participants are expected to treat others with love and respect, in both actions and words.

5. We at Three Match Creations, Inc. believe that maintaining a healthy respect for each other is part of the success of achieving a creative atmosphere.

6. Any physical or verbal attack on another Participant, Visionary, or visitor will result in the ejection of the individual from the premises, without a refund, and may result in the individual being banned from any future Three Match Creations, Inc. events, workshops, initiatives, Matchstick Market events, etc.

V. release of liability

1. Any participant (workshop, performer, market vendor, visionary, etc.) at Three Match Creations, Inc. will be asked to agree to a Release of Liability during the checkout process. You can find the full General Release of Liability agreement here.

Unless stated otherwise, every workshop will be held at Three Match Creations, Inc. located at 55 Sterling St. Clinton, MA 01510.